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Welcome to the Game

Within the pages of this playbook, you will find a wealth of information gathered during my quest to discover the best methods and strategies for playing blackjack. Blackjack for Winners resulted as a three-day weekend seminar in 1995. The seminar involved applied metaphysical concepts best demonstrated and observed in the casino. The casino acts as a perfect classroom to witness metaphysical principles. It is within a casino where players challenge their skills, knowledge, and raw emotions while exposing their inherent weaknesses. However, my intention for teaching applied metaphysics has a greater purpose, beyond the game of blackjack. There is a life-enhancing benefit when grasping the metaphysical concepts of self-empowerment. Playing 4 Keeps® is a lifestyle that incorporates synchronicity using metaphysical concepts, with the end goal of becoming the ultimate winner, in the game of life.

Blackjack for Winners

I present these lessons with 29 years of casino experience playing craps, blackjack, and Texas Hold’em. I began teaching casino games in 1995. I have been a student of applied metaphysics for forty-five years. The information, within these pages, presents a methodical course of action, which shortens the learning curve, having the best practices for playing blackjack. No other gaming program includes the principles of applied metaphysics with betting strategies.

The choice is yours. Why not choose a valid way of winning and absorb the lessons presented here? There is no need to reinvent your wheel. Unlike other approaches for playing blackjack, Blackjack for Winners is a straightforward step-by-step presentation. It is not a complex concocted scheme with “sounds good” marketing ploys, unobtainable results, or strategies that only look good on paper. It does not matter if you are a novice player or a veteran of the game. It does not matter if you are a $5 player or a high roller. What you have in your hands is the result of my research, analyses, and countless hours of successful casino play.

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Playing 4 Keeps® is a comprehensive method of winning. It is a strategic plan for consistent results, backed by math, with a secret advantage that only “applied metaphysics” explains. This secret advantage does not appear in other gambling books or seminar instructions. No other gambling instructor has the years of metaphysical training that I experienced, during my seventeen years, in association with Stuart Wilde. From Stuart, I learned firsthand the influences of etheric energy, applied metaphysics, and their unique benefits when utilized in casino games. I include the times Stuart and I gambled together in Las Vegas, Reno, North and South Lake Tahoe, Nassau, Bahamas, and Surfer’s Paradise, Australia.

My metaphysical training began in 1983 working in close association with Stuart Wilde. For seventeen years I served as his confidant, business manager, publisher, promoter, and dear friend. Stuart Wilde was an internationally renowned teacher of metaphysics, lecturer, and author, with millions of books in print worldwide. My company, White Dove International, published the books and electronic recordings of Stuart Wilde. In addition, along with my wife Lin, we produced Stuart Wilde’s seminars: Warriors in the Mist – an eight-day retreat, Warriors Wisdom – a seven-day retreat, Wilde Fire – a three-day men’s retreat, and Easy Money Mongolian Blackjack – a three-day retreat. These times of spiritual discipline and metaphysical studies gave rise to the Playing 4 Keeps® gaming programs, sharing the knowledge of winning and applied metaphysics, with a purpose to enhance and empower the lives of other likeminded individuals. Welcome to the game. I wish you good fortune.

Excerpts taken from Blackjack for Winners Playbook.  Purchase your playbook securely with the PayPal "Buy Now" button.

Playing blackjack is not a team sport. It is you against the dealer. Your best friend is discipline. Learning to pick your game, and pick your exit, is all about discipline. The key ingredients of successful play are, discipline, perfect basic strategy, card counting, money management, and recognizing the energy. When I am playing, I am looking for clues, hinting that it is time to leave the game. The reasons to continue playing should be quite obvious. The signals providing the “heads up” that the game is going south are subtle, and you need to be keenly aware in order to perceive the information. Getting out at the right time is a skill. “The only way to quit winners, is to quit while you are winning.” It is too late after you have lost the profit.

How much is enough to win? A win is a win, and one dollar is a win. This may sound silly to you. But, if you are not able to accept a $1 win, what will you accept. If you lose $100 in twenty minutes, but win $100 after playing for an hour, some how the two do not seem equal, emotionally. The loss feels to be bigger, compared to the amount won. The win never seems to be enough. Here’s a misconception about blackjack. It is a game based on the units played, verses the units won, or lost. Winning 6 to 12 units should be recognized as doing well. If you get up to the 16 to 20 unit range, that’s fantastic. Once you are able to accept the 6 to 12 unit profit, you will see how most games you  play, actually will profit of 6 to 8 units. The hard part for some players is accepting the win and walking away. Too often this “easy come, easy go” syndrome kicks in, and the player’s tendency is to keep on playing thinking that the 8 units will soon turn into 16. Yes, it can happen. But look at the emotion behind the thought form of that kind of play. Perhaps you’ll see how it is chasing for more. Remember, your goal is to win, and end up leaving the game with more cheques than you bought in for. It is better to take the bird in the hand, 6 to 8 units profit, than to shoot for the moon each session. Do not be caught up chasing a loss. Losing your betting stake is no big deal. It is part of the game, and it will happen. However, as you understand that the profits come in smaller increments, it makes it difficult to overcome a 30 unit loss, winning 6 to 8 units.

You have your hands on a strategy that can produce, on average, around 12 units per session. If you are a $5 player, winning 12 units means $60 per session. It will never result in $600 per session. If you want to win $600 you have to bet larger units. Simple! The game has no awareness, and the cards do not know if you are playing $5 units, or $100 units. What is known, is the expected rate of return, for one session. Winning more money, is just a matter of having a larger bankroll.

Sometimes you will find yourself in a dog fight. For all of your skill, and effort, the game does not go your way. At these times, it is better to cut your losses early. Have the courage, and discipline to let that losing game go. Know that you can find a better game latter. Taking breaks is important too. Playing too long will have a negative effect on your bankroll. It is best to plan your playing time. Decide when and where you will play. Develop an action plan, and stick to it. If it is not working out, it is better to abandon the game than to abandon your plan. Three to four sessions a day is a lot of blackjack to play. If you get one or two sessions in the morning, and allow for an afternoon session, take a break, and then one or two evening sessions, that should do you.

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Lesser Known Considerations about the Game:
  1. No one likes to be beat at their own game. Even though modern day basic strategy and card counting have been around since the 1960’s, most players haven’t bothered to learn either advantage. With the advent of the Internet, and legalized gaming is most states, the popularity of blackjack has exploded. As with any popular pastime, some individuals will strive for innovative methods of improving their results. These days, casinos are corporate businesses, traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock holders do not want any fluctuation with the bottom line. The game of blackjack is very different from all other casinos games because the rules are not set in stone. As a result, it is not unusual to find rule variations from casino to casino. Here are examples of what I speak of and each example is a huge take-a-way from the player.
  2. Deck penetration. As a way of discouraging card counters, casinos have limited the number of cards dealt from each single deck, double deck, and a shoe. Not being able to see 30-50% of the cards, leaves an unknown factor for the player tracking a ratio of cards. Playing fewer cards means a less likely event of an imbalanced ratio to occur. The single deck game has returned to some Las Vegas casinos, but with strict rule changes. Deck penetration is controlled by the dealer, shuffling after every hand. There is no way to have an advantage counting cards in this game. In a two deck game, 25% of the 104 cards may be burned right off the top and another 25% off the back end, leaving about 50% of the cards in play. Less than 80% penetration makes it rough for a card counter. The six deck shoe is slightly better, about 30% of the cards are burned from the back of the shoe. I learned to play blackjack at the Mirage in Las Vegas, at a two deck pitch game. In 1990, the dealer would deal down to the last of the cards before the shuffle. With that kind of penetration, it was like taking candy from a baby.
  3. The Cut Card. Regarding the cut card and the removal of cards from play, this is an illusion on the part of the casino. Casinos have resorted to burning cards off the top, and from the back of the deck. The ratio is not affected. The count will still be exact, only that the cards removed from play will have no bearing on the game. In other words, if 20 cards are cut out of the 52, they do not disappear to change the ratio. You simply have fewer cards in play, affected by the penetration. This take away, by the casino, reduces the potential of an imbalance to occur with the plus and minus cards. The cards that you may be expecting could be burned out of play. Dealers are now instructed where to place the cut card. If you can find games where dealers still  indiscriminately place the cut card, look for the dealer giving the most deck penetration.
  4. The 6 to 5 Blackjack Bonus. Some other changes you will see have to do with the blackjack bonus paying 6/5 instead of 3/2. This will cost the weekend blackjack player…

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Applied Metaphysics

Unique to Playing 4 Keeps™ is “applied metaphysics”. I call it “Seeing what others cannot and knowing what others do not”. At first, you may not find this aspect for gambling a reasonable add-on; you will, if you give it a fair chance. However, even if you totally dismiss the advantage that metaphysics plays, the strategies, and math contained in this playbook will still cover you for most conditions encountered while playing blackjack.

Applied metaphysics is not something that I am trying to force feed the reader. What I am attempting to accomplish, here, is to help you to recognize times when you have had the experience of a premonition come true. Active daily participation enlightens precognition and promotes self confidence as you accept the ability to sense energy. We are not leaves that fall from a tree to drift aimlessly in the current of life. We can steer our course and follow a chosen path. We have choices. We have free will. We have a means of directing our reality. The events in our life are easily explained as manifestations of energy, high or low. Although you many find yourself in an unavoidable situation, you do not have to be totally in the dark for lack of perception. You can actively participate. You do not have to be a victim. You can take information and make reasonable choices and decisions for your next move. Does the tail wag the dog?

The concepts presented here are a life choice, and not intended just for use while playing a game of chance. The more that you employ these concepts in your daily life, the more useful they become. Just as you are served by any positive habit that you practice, adding spiritual concepts empowers you in a similar way. Hey, it costs nothing to try it. It is easy to do, and you get immediate confirmation. The more you practice, the more you gain. What’s the down side? What do you risk for trying it? The benefits can be limitless. Become a student of metaphysical energy, follow the P4K strategies, play with discipline, and you will be playing for keeps.

Think about this; there are many things that you cannot see, and yet you know that they exist. As you acknowledge your energy experiences, you will strengthen the skill of perception. This is not different from learning anything new to you. Did you ever take music lesson, perhaps learning to play the piano? Learning applied metaphysics is a simple matter of practice, developing confidence, and possessing a willingness to accept that there is more to this reality than meets the eye.

The metaphysical information helps you to better understand situations and make a best decision. Confidence is a feeling supported by positive experiences. Trust in your abilities to perceive metaphysical information. Allow it to become a part of your daily life like eating breakfast and brushing your teeth. Create a strong belief knowing that there is more to life than meets the eye. Soon, you will see what others cannot, and know what others do not.

• Your energy is reflected back to you from the gaming table. Instant messaging.

• Engaging emotion, ego or judgment is a fatal flaw. Practice detachment.

• The universe is limitless and waiting to deliver the abundance that is yours.

• Coming from lack is a negative thought form and a huge energy drain on your game.

• Don’t play if you are tired, upset, distracted, confused, or unsure.

• You will win some and you will lose some, notice how each experience feels and become intensely aware of their differences. They are equally important sensations.

• Once the thought to quit enters your mind, leave the game. It is over. Your little voice will only be your guiding light if you allow it.

• Your intuition provides you with an early warning. Learn to listen to it.

• Leaving the table is your best defense and your best friend. Walking away is easy!

• Align to the energy, not to your ego. Do not let your ego trap you into a loss.


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