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It is not by accident that you have arrived. Happenstance or coincidences does not explain the attraction of like energies. Like magnets that click together, the forces of two thought forms or ideas, are drawn together by the law of metaphysical attraction. Intention, which affirms a goal, attracts the goal. If you are looking for esoteric strategies for winning, your search is over.

Winning is not limited to only casino games. Playing 4 Keeps® employs  winning principles which can be used in any game and most importantly, in the game of life. Michael Vernon is the only gaming instructor to share how metaphysical energy provides invaluable information for the savvy player. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when to get into a game and better still, when to get out?

Now, you can join countless other successful players who are enjoying casino craps, blackjack, or Texas Hold’em. Playing 4 Keeps® gaming lessons are designed to meet your specific needs for winning!

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  • Blackjack for Winners™
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Blackjack Lessons
  • Private Craps Lessons
  • Dice Setting and Dice Influencing
  • Metaphysics Applied to Gaming
  • Betting Strategies
  • Money Management
  • Consultation

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 Did I mention how players can benefit from the esoteric practices of applied metaphysics? No other instructor, of gambling lessons, presents the pragmatic metaphysical concepts taught by Michael “The Professor” Vernon.

With the increasing popularity of gaming, more people are playing table games like Craps and Blackjack. Michael Vernon offers lessons for beginners and advanced players. You can learn P4K winning strategies with a lesson tailored to suit your specific needs.

Why not learn from an expert and get it right? Receive the knowledge you need and become a skilled player. Sign on with the “Professor”. Be an advantaged player for the game of your choice. After all, it’s your money, shouldn’t you be Playing 4 Keeps®? BooksLessons – Join Playing 4 Keeps

Playing 4 Keeps® Lessons

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Arrangements may be made for your special group or gathering. Advance planning is required to schedule an event.

Have a “Las Vegas Style Gaming Program” catered for your next business conference. Group lessons for dice, blackjack or poker.

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Learn How to Win Playing Craps and Blackjack

Blackjack for Winners

Do’s and Don’ts of Dice Playbook

Playbooks for Blackjack and Craps
by The Professor
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Testimonies Used With Permission

Michael Vernon’s Chronicles of Playing 4 Keeps E-Book is a must read “top-shelf” e-book for anyone who loves the game of craps, blackjack and other casino games.  It provides the players with the most valuable skill key to success that any player will ever use!  This astonishing e-book provides serious players with the ability to become far more skilled players by the understanding and use of metaphysical information.  Perfecting the skill of using metaphysical information will give the player a “huge advantage” over his or her previous playing results.  To put it best, Michael’s teachings, Newsletter Articles, and e-book writings provide the missing pieces to the  “Gaming Expert’s Success to Winning Games” puzzle!  Thank you Michael for your gift of providing us with a huge advantage and better odds for success the next time we step up to the gaming tables. Jane B., Boyertown, Pennsylvania

Another Satisfied Player Playing 4 Keeps®

After finding “The Professor” on the web, we began by exchanging emails and subsequently phone calls. I liked what I was hearing enough to “GAMBLE” the cost of a few hours tuition as well as my travel costs. When I arrived at Michael’s home, I already had a very good understanding of craps itself and dice setting in general. I had studied dozens of books and already built a nice practice rig at home. Additionally I understood the various bets on the table, had developed my own preferred methods of betting, setting and tossing. Now, I may have been well studied – but I fully admit I was definitely not too widely experienced in the real casino environment. My hope was that my time with Michael would confirm I was on the right track and ready for some successful live action.

Perhaps you have had the following experience, as I have had many times. You are sitting in some day long seminar – saying to yourself, “I know all this stuff – what am I doing here?” Then suddenly…BAM! The presenter drops what I call a “pearl” that hits home and sinks in. These little pearls of wisdom are why we should never forget, “You can learn SOMETHING from everyone.” Michael gave me perhaps 3-4 pearls during our time together. He showed me how to “anchor” my tossing hand so I could build better consistency in my tosses. This has been of enormous value to date. He tweaked my preferred method of betting adding in to the mix the best way to handle pass line wins. I have already hit 4 great wins with this adjustment to my play. Michael exposed me to the metaphysical side of the game that I was not even paying attention to. In the most basic terms, he taught me to be AWARE of what is happening and what is ABOUT to happen. And lastly – he gave me INTENT. I quote his own words here from an email I received from him, ” Results come from consistency, belief, confidence and intention.”

Thanks to Michael I now have the INTENT to influence the dice every time I toss. And that intention and confidence is paying dividends. Over my last six sessions of live casino play – I have won $3200 – (over $2200 in one amazing session alone, while I was tossing the dice) – and that is using $10 starting pass line bets – just wagering properly and intelligently. Is that just dumb luck? Or perhaps was it my INTENTION to win?
Kevin H. – Florida

Where the Physical Game Meets the Metaphysical Edge

Within the arena of a casino there lies a marvelous learning environment where life lessons are reflected within the microcosm the casino’s illusions. It is within a casino that the emotions and impulses are freely expressed by gamblers from all walks of life. In particular, it is where you can witness the expression of energy and the metaphysical elements of human nature, all reveled in a game of chance.

The winners and losers, the high rollers, and the average Joes all come face to face with their own raw emotions, knowledge, and ability. Fueled by their passion, they come to the game hoping to win. All of which is mirrored back as a stark confirmation of what they bring to the game. Their strengths, their weaknesses, and especially their energy, all factors for the end result of having played the game.

Playing 4 Keeps® holds a greater purpose in its design, and is not limited to the goals of gambling and playing to win. The greater benefit comes when you truly understands how to employ a complete approach to the game. Whether it is playing blackjack, craps, or poker, the end goal manifests with an empowered individual. Without doubt, the ultimate winner is not only served within a casino. There is something far more important…the game of life.

Michael Vernon presents his gambling lessons backed up by his 25 years of gaming experience. No doubt, there are countless approaches to consider when it comes to gambling. The question to answer is which one is the best? The answer is simple. Playing 4 Keeps®! The reason why the answer is simple has to do with the metaphysical principles delivered within Michael’s gaming programs. Woven within the teachings, you follow the message which resides within the energy. Following the path of energy guides you to your true winning path. As in life, so it is in the casino, the path you walk upon is the one of your choosing. Which path do you choose? Successful people chose Playing 4 Keeps®.


Mission Statement

My mission is to empower the gaming enthusiast.
There is more to the game than meets the eye.
Play to win using skill, knowledge and the power of applied metaphysics.
Change your game and you change everything about your life.

Michael “The Professor” Vernon


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