*Sitting in a chair or lying on the floor with your eyes closed, take several slow and gentle breaths. Release tension as you feel your muscles relaxing. Starting with your toes, relax with each breath. Feel a wave washing over you, up your body to the muscles of your face. Continue with the slow and gentle breaths. Concentrate on your breathing, relax and allow your mind to become washed clean of any thoughts.Take another slow and gentle breath. As you release the breath, beginning at the top of your head, visualize a line being drawn around the sides of your entire body. Continue with slow breathing take yourself deeper and deeper into a relaxed trance state. Continue with your focus of outlining the sides of the body, from head to feet and back up the other side.Next, as you breathe in, imagine drawing the breath in through the top of your head. Visualize each breath filling the lungs from the top of your head. Draw air into your lungs through the top of your head and then allow it to exit slowly from your mouth.Continue with this breathing now allowing each breath to expand into all parts of your body. Push the breath down through your legs and imagine the breath exhaling through the bottom of your feet. When you have completed the connection of breathing, inhaling through the top of the head and exhaling down through your feet, begin expanding yourself, slightly, in every direction. Imagine expanding your body with each breath until you have doubled your size.In your mind’s eye, visualize yourself in a standing position with your arms relaxed at your side. Pause a moment and hold this image. Gradually visualize bands of light making rings of energy around your body. Visualize the light oscillating, shimmering in different colors. The colors become bands around the body.  The bands are able to move freely up and down your body.As the bands move up and down the body, imagine one of your greatest moments in life. Imagine a time of achievement or recognition, invoking a feeling of great confidence. Take a slow and deep breath, hold if for a moment, then release the breath. Intensify the feeling of confidence and notice how it effects the rings of light around your body. Notice where the rings are now, relative to your body.

Ask the rings to show you the location around your body that reflects your feeling of total confidence and empowerment. Keep your attention on the location of the rings. Let the rings guide your attention. Trust in the process, the rings will make it clear where confidence is located. Be comfortable with your experience and know that it is true for you.

Return your awareness to taking a slow and gentle breath. Let the rings move freely up and down your body again. Ask the rings to move to a new location around your body indicating, by their position, when you are at your lowest energy. In your mind’s eye, observe the location of the rings. Take note. Notice any changes in the size or color of the bands of light as you contemplate how your lowest energy feels. Make note of the location and the qualities of the rings. Trust the rings to guide your attention and know your body is showing what is true for you. Be aware of how you are feeling.

Now, ask the rings to move to the location indicating your present state of energy. Observe the location and make note of any differences in size shape or color. Notice your feelings. Trust in the process. Be comfortable with your visualization and know that it is true for you.

Take a slow and gentle breath. Take time to review what you have experienced and tell yourself that you will remember this exercise and the information you gained. Remember the locations of the rings and their qualities. You may use this exercise to check in with your level of energy and your degree of confidence in the future.

Take a few slow, deep breaths. As you do, visualize the line outlining the sides of your body reversing. It is slowly absorbed into the top of your head. Slowly restore the size of your body. Bring yourself back to the present time, and feel your body touching the chair or floor. Feel where your clothes touch your body. Allow yourself time for your awareness to completely return to the present time, as you become more conscious of your environment. Take quicker breaths as you open your eyes and know that you are back. Take your time before attempting to stand and move about.

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*In actual use of this meditation, you can be standing or sitting. It is recommended to use this process before playing a session, using it as a self check-in. We add strength to our game with these small piece of information. Combining all elements of P4K, makes for a smarter player.

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