It’s Your Best Advantage For Winning

There is more to the game than meets the eye. Without a doubt, those who know about the hidden information and how to apply it, know that Applied Metaphysics provides the player with their biggest advantage in any game.

Now you can access the power of Applied Metaphysics with a private lesson with Michael Vernon. Sixteen years training with Stuart Wilde and producing Stuart Wilde’s metaphysical  seminars are at the heart of Playing 4 Keeps™.  No other presenter of gaming lessons provides the power of Applied Metaphysics to gaming strategies and methods of play.

 Lessons in Applied Metaphysics
There is an invisible, yet perceivable, dimension and subtle information can be found there. Somewhat like sitting in a movie theater watching previews of coming attractions, subliminal messages provides a glimpse of events that are about to happen. Perceiving the energy can show you the hidden truths, as you experience events in the present moment. Perception of energy also provides you with lessons of events after the fact, as you look back and relate the metaphysical information acknowledged or ignored.

All most everyone has had that experience of saying, “I knew that was going to happen, why didn’t I listen to myself?” Where did that voice come from? Who are your talking to? I do not suggest relying solely on intuition to guess or manipulate events during a dice or card game. My point is for the reader to acknowledge and simply relate to having had the experience of knowing about something before it manifested in reality. Perception of subtle information is an ability everyone has. With practice, you can strengthen the ability and provide an additional powerful edge to your game.

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A way of explaining energy is to think of it as a vibration. It is a known fact of science that everything organic and inorganic is vibrating at the atomic level. Metaphysical energy is not measured in terms of “good” and “bad”. Instead, you can think of energy in terms of “high vibration” or “low vibration”. A sporting event expressing high energy is exciting and fun to watch. A sporting event expressing low energy is boring and lacks interest. Energy or vibrations are happening in every situation. It is possible for you to sense the vibrations and glean information.

Everyone has the ability to perceive energy vibrations and discern information from other dimensions. You perception is confirmed in real time, right or wrong. When you are right you will experience the feeling that you are “dialed in”. You will know that you know.

Subtle Messages Provide an Advantage 
It is possible for a dice or blackjack player to have an advantage using perception of energy in casino games. For example, it is possible to perceive if a game has a winning or a losing feeling. This is a tool to use before and during your session. The dice and cards can turn in the blink of an eye. Your perception of any shift allows you to follow the energy. It can provide you with an early warning system.

Perceiving information from the energy in a game, provides you with an invaluable edge. Developing this skill allows you to glimpse into the near future before it manifests in  reality. Think of it like sonar. You send out a ping and it bounces off something, then returns to you. When it comes back, the ping informs you about what it encountered. Whatever the ping encounters can be sensed and recognize as a feeling.

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When you allow yourself to look around for the subliminal signs, the feeling from the perception of metaphysical energy provides you with an edge. The edge is valid for times of entering a game and for advance notice that “the wind has gone from the sail” and it is time to color up. I emphasize the power of this advanced knowledge, a feeling telling you that the game is breaking down and it is time to get out before it gets ugly.

On an energy level, you receive an early warning that the game is about to end. Instead of suffering through the losing hands as a game is breaking down, you get the “wink and a nod” that it is time to go. You keep additional profit because you knew what was about to happen and acted on the information. Think of it as having insider’s information when making a stock trade. The only way to quit as a winner, is to quit while you are still winning. It’s hard to quit a winner when you have stayed past the peak of the action and find yourself tumbling down the losing side of the curve.

You will have more profitable sessions as you learn to develop your sense of perception, recognizing the signs “telling” you when a game is about to turn cold. The subtle signs are always present. The trick is to be dialed in, perceive the energy, and then apply the metaphysical information for the best course of action. In a game of  chance, having the discipline to walk away with the profit is usually the best course of action.

It is not by accident that you find yourself here.
Laws of attraction create right time, right place, and right action.
Michael has been a student of metaphysics since 1980. Actually, his spiritual curiosity traces back to childhood when he first experienced unexplained, esoteric phenomena. Since his journeys with the legendary, Stuart Wilde, Michael has researched, developed, tested and perfected Applied Metaphysics. Playing 4 Keeps™ has become his trademark, blending metaphysics and spirituality with gaming strategies. Unusual, as it is unique,  there is no gaming instruction presented in the world, like Playing 4 Keeps™.

As Michael likes to say, “There is not a better classroom for life’s lessons than the gaming environment of a casino.” It is within a casino that the raw emotion of human nature is exposed. Strengths and weaknesses are hanging out on the line for all to see. The person who gets up with you in the morning is the same person you take to the casino. Good habits, bad habits, emotional control, fear, ego, addictive behavior, and self limitation tends to show up in the unbridled environment of the gaming arena.

Of all the things involved with successful gambling, at least we can learn to have discipline with our actions. Playing 4 Keeps™ is more than just strategies for enjoying a game. It is a life style. 

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Hourly Rate: $125 per hour with a minimum of two hours.