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Information from another dimension

There is more to the game than meets the eye. Without doubt, those who know about the hidden information and how to apply it, know that Applied Metaphysics gives the player the biggest gaming advantage.

Now you can get access to the power of Applied Metaphysics with a private lesson with Michael Vernon. Michael trained under Stuart Wilde while producing Stuart Wilde’s metaphysical seminars. No other instructor of gaming lessons delivers the power of Applied Metaphysics along with gaming strategies for the best practice of winning.

I have retired from presenting lessons and seminars. My playbooks are still available with the application of this information. PlayBooks


About Metaphysics

Metaphysics is a broad philosophical term exploring unseen effects on our reality, as it relates to time and space. Applied metaphysics practices a discipline of thinking, asking and discovering how and why things work the way that they do. The active pursuit of applied metaphysics explains the unexplained phenomena of luck, coincidence, chance, and happenstance.

Everyone experiences extraordinary events. Coincidence, happenstance, and luck describe extraordinary events. Although the events appear as if by chance, without reason, there is an explanation. Metaphysics plays an active part in our physical state of being. Every day, all the time, metaphysical energies intermingle within the physical to influence our lives.

There is an invisible, yet perceivable, metaphysical dimension where subtle information resides holding messages from the near future. Somewhat like sitting in a movie theater watching previews of coming attractions, perceiving subliminal messages affords a glimpse of events that are about to happen. Perceiving the energy shows you hidden truths as you experience events in the present moment.

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “I knew that was going to happen, I should listen to myself next time.” Where does the inner voice come from? How were you able to know about of an event that had not happened? Sensing subtle information, from the near future, is an ability everyone possesses. With practice, you can strengthen the knack and afford yourself a powerful advantage by knowing that something is about to occur. For example, before a winning game deteriorates, you get the “wink and a nod” that it is time to go, avoiding the loss. You keep more profit because of your perception of metaphysical energy informed you of the coming events.

Now you can get access to these unique principles of applied metaphysics from Michael Vernon. No other gaming instructor in the world delivers success gaming strategies coupled with the power of applied metaphysics. Shouldn’t you be Playing 4 Keeps®?

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