Take a slow and gentle breath. Feel your muscles relaxing. Release any tension in your muscles, starting with your toes up to the muscles in your face. Continue to breathe slowly. Concentrate on your breath, allowing your mind to become still.Take another slow and gentle breath. As you release the breath, visualize drawing a line around the side of your entire body, beginning at the top of your head. Continue with the slow breathing, relaxing deeper and deeper. Direct your thoughts to outlining all sides the body.Now, visualize yourself standing quietly in a peaceful meadow. Look around and take in the beauty of the environment. Notice the tall green grass gently swaying in a light breeze. Notice the colorful flowers in the meadow with butterflies and bees flying around them. In the distance, notice that you can hear the happy chirping of song birds. As you stand there, taking in the beauty of nature, notice the warm feeling of the sun on your face. Take a slow and gentle breath and relax deeper into your mediation.

Next, visualize an inviting path that weaves through the tall grass of the meadow. Slowly walk along the path, being aware of the peacefulness in all things. Take in the splendor of all that is nature with all you senses. Walking slowly, relax and feel you are going deeper and deeper. With your next breath, take in the peacefulness of this scene, hold it, for moment, and exhale. Do this two more times.

In the distance you can hear the sound of a gurgling stream. Walk along the path until you come to the stream’s edge. Notice the sunlight sparkling in the water, lapping over large round stones. Leave the path to walk along the bank of the stream until it gently meanders through the meadow. You continue to follow the stream as it leads into the shade of tall trees. Now, in the shade of the trees, become aware of any changes you may sense. Slowly, continue walking along the bank of the stream until you come upon a pool with a waterfall spilling into it.

The waterfall is inviting and alluring. Walk into the cascading water. The warmth of the water rejuvenates your spirit. (pause) When you are ready, leave the waterfall, crossing to the other side of the pool. Walk into a clearing and stand in the warmth of the sun. Stand with your arms held open, eyes closed. As you take in the warmth of the sun, know that you are one with all that is. Slowly open your eyes, ever so slightly. Hovering before you, a hooded crimson robe hangs in midair. Take the crimson robe and slip it onto your body. Pull the hood over your head. Become intensely aware of any changes in your feelings once the robe is around you. Allow the new feelings to permeate your very being. (pause)

In the distance you notice the twinkle of a shinning light. Walk slowly towards the light. As you approach, you can see that sunlight is reflecting from an ornate golden door. Reaching the golden door, you notice several intricate symbols etched into the door. Above the door there is a sacred word inscribed. Look at the word and remember it. Do not concern yourself with its meaning at this time. Unlatch the door and gently pull it open.  Walk slowly down seven golden steps. Count each step slowly. (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) When you reach the landing, raise your head, pull back the hood, and look all around. You discover that you have entered an immense sanctuary. It is filled with all of your life’s goals, your dreams and your joys.

You have entered your sacred treasure trove. Become aware of your feelings as you realize where you are. As you look around, take an inventory of everything in your sacred chamber. Is everything present? Is anything missing? If something is missing, ask for it to be added. Do that now. Notice how easily it is manifested. Take your time to acknowledge all of your life’s treasures. Give thanks for all that is. Take on the power of this sacred chamber and have the energy of this room permeate your very being. (pause)

Complete your experience with an honoring bow. Whisper a farewell to your treasure trove, knowing that it is secure and always available to you any time. Before leaving, remove the crimson robe and lay it in a place of honor, on top of a golden chest. Walk up the seven steps, counting backward, (7,6,5,4,3,2,1) At the threshold of the golden door, and without looking back, gently push the door shut behind you. Grasp the latch and release it into its keeper. (clink) Slowly walk away from your treasure room, through the waterfall and forest and back to the warmth of the sun. Take time to walk back through the natural scene you created. Face the sun, the source of life once you are back to the meadow. Acknowledge that you are a part of all things; strength, beauty, love, and limitlessness abundance.

Use a few slow, deep breaths as you ask your awareness to return to the present time. Slowly bring yourself back to the feeling of your body touching the chair or floor. Feel where you clothes touch your body. Allow yourself a few minutes for your awareness to return to the present time as you become more conscious of your body. Take slow breaths before attempting to stand and move about.

Copyright © 2015 Michael Vernon – Playing 4 Keeps®

Note: Reference to opening eyes, reaching out, and whispering, is for the “you” in the meditation. It does not mean to open your physical eyes, reach out with your physical body, or actually speak during the meditation.

This meditation is intended to support your thought form of abundance by aligning to “all that is”…an unlimited universe. It is simply a matter of being “willing” to receive anything that you desire.

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