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Thanks for the follow up with us after our one day dice lesson with you. It was nice to see your check-up email. J and I don’t get much practice time together, however I did see where P4K could take us.

I started out with a $150.00 buy-in. I was playing at home on our practice table. I was shooting normal point and out. Then shot random rolls left handed (opposite) two, three throws with a couple pass line bets losing some, winning some. Then I remember what you taught us.

Dice are Coming Out!

I studied my toss and made the needed adjustments. I rolled at least a 40 roll hand. I marked my points which were a total of 7 points in that roll. I hit a few come out 7’s. When this happened, I was down to $20 out of the $150 buy-in. After all was said and done, I recouped my $150 buy-in and was up $385 in profit. It was a good feeling to see P4K at work. Now, I just need it to happen in the casinos. I kept seeing my point number in my mind and then BOOM! There’s my point. Hope all is well with you. David G.



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