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Blackjack for Winners

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When playing blackjack, the odds can change with the turn of a card. Knowing when the odds favor the player is Playing 4 Keeps®.  Blackjack for Winners™ is the only blackjack playbook you will ever need if you are serious about playing blackjack.  You will benefit playing the Professor’s strategies contained within this playbook. The premise of Playing 4 Keeps® is simple; minimize risk by making the best bets, and press bets when the odds favor the player. It’s like a road map to the best rate of return.

“Michael Vernon assisted me when I use to teach ‘Easy Money’ Mongolian Blackjack. He’s taken up the gauntlet and is teaching the same seminar, plus some clever stuff that he has come up with on attitude, energy, and prosperity consciousness. I have heard that Michael is very good and certainly he was very diligent when we worked together. Michael knows his stuff; I’d recommend him to anyone. I’m sure the blackjack seminar he gives is tip top. Michael is a perfectionist.” ~ Stuart Wilde

It all starts with basic strategy, which is proven mathematically to be the best decision for playing any two cards against the dealer’s up card. Basic strategy is the foundation of any blackjack player. It is the best way to play a hand, based on the probability of an outcome. Mastering basic strategy provides you with the best odds of winning the hand. If you are to become an expert of the game, then you will want to possess the Professor’s esoteric knowledge, contained in Blackjack for Winners. Luck has nothing to do with it, Playing 4 Keeps®.

Blackjack for Winners


This is the same playbook used in the Professor’s Blackjack for Winners weekend program. Now you can have all the components presented in Blackjack for Winners™. This is a complete package starting with how the game is played, plus…the listed topics below.  Sure, you can find basic strategy and card counting in several decent books on blackjack. However, you will not find the Professor’s esoteric strategies listed in the table below.

The Professor intertwines metaphysical concepts with the pragmatic strategies, weaving a tapestry of winning strategies. User friendly, step by step application, presents information for both, the novice player, as well as the experienced player. Practice drills are provided for both basic strategy and card counting supporting your learning experience for these two necessary strategies. Click to read an excerpt

“I really feel like I got my money’s-worth. There were many things I learned, on many different levels – and the amazing thing is that they were mostly not about how to win at Blackjack. Although, learning how to win at Blackjack was a nice bonus.” ~ Mark B., Business Consultant

The Components of Blackjack for Winners
PDF Format with Sixty pages, 28,437 words, about winning

The Professor shares how he approaches each session using applied metaphysics to choose a winning table and how he uses the “easy to learn” techniques to manipulate playing conditions.

Basic Strategy  –  Math and Probability  –  Esoteric Strategies  –  Card Counting

Bankroll  Protection  –  Tables and Charts  –  Eliminate Losing Sessions  –  Money Management

Dealer’s Up Card Bust %  –  Defending Plays  –  Disadvantages by % –  Blackjack Protocol

Choosing Your Table  –  Betting Spreads  –  Battle Plan for Session  –  Playing Conditions

Player’s Advantage  –  Home Practice Drills  –  Rule Changes to Avoid  –  Applied Metaphysics

Controlling the Game  –  Table Etiquette  –  Play Modifications  –  Optimum Table Conditions

BJ Hand_opt

Hi Michael, I received your Chronicles of Playing 4 Keeps® and written material.
This is quite absorbing and enlightening, Thanks again for sharing this with me,
I will be sure to recommend your course to others.  I have profited 75 units in my
first 2 sessions while making a few small errors in my play, and more surprisingly
in a very relaxed way.  Sincerely E. W. Amurgis

Blackjack for Winners



Order Blackjack for Winners – PDF

Only $69.95

Read an Excerpt


When playing blackjack, the odds can change with the turn of a card. Knowing when the odds favor the player is Playing 4 Keeps®. I present these lessons with 29 years of casino experience playing craps, blackjack, and Texas Hold’em. I began teaching casino games in 1995. I have been a student of applied metaphysics for forty-five years. The information, within these pages, presents a methodical course of action, which shortens the learning curve, having the best practices for playing blackjack. No other gaming program includes the principles of applied metaphysics with betting strategies.

If you are serious about playing blackjack and winning, you will want to own Blackjack for Winners.  Since casinos change the rules of blackjack without notice, you will not want to play without the gaming tools, strategies, and especially the metaphysical concepts found only in Blackjack for Winners Playbook.

Blackjack for Winners



Read an Excerpt

Order Blackjack for Winners- PDF

Only $69.95



“Hello Michael! Yesterday I played at Sunset Station in Henderson.  In a little under two hours I was up 33 units. I estimate that I accurately counted 80% of the shuffles. I walked away feeling totally awesome! Have a great day!”  Justin, Las Vegas, NV

“Dearest Michael, I played last night and finished in profit. This journey was in many ways the most difficult for me because of a lifetime of negative associations with cards, numbers and being ‘the girl’. Nice to know when you are pushed off the cliff, you can actually fly. My thanks in the realm beyond words.” Janet E. – Middletown, WI

“The system was much easier to pick up than I had imagined and I have really enjoyed myself playing in the casinos in London. I regularly win £150 ($240) to £300 ($480). My current record is walking into the casino with £150 and leaving with £1,150 ($1,840). Before your blackjack program, I thought casinos definitely were not for me. How wrong I was, another preconception smashed to the floor. Long may they smash. Thank you again.” – Louise R. London, U.K.

Blackjack for Winners Playbook – $69.95 – Click Buy Now.