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If you are a regular reader of Playing 4 Keeps®, and I hope that you are, you know that I frequently refer to the use of visualization, focused intention, a directed purpose, seeing what you want as though it has happened, and imagining that you are drawing your vision to you. I recognize that many readers are familiar with the concept of meditation. However, it has come to my attention that being familiar and actually knowing how to meditate are two separate issues. It is especially important to understand, that one can go into a meditative state in almost any environment, and with a little practice, meditation is easily achieved.

Back in the day when I produced the Warriors In the Mist seminar with Stuart Wilde, participants often would have to meditate outdoors, in cold temperatures at 9,550 feet above sea level. On occasion, during these meditations lead by Stuart, it could also be pissing down rain. Never the less, participants continued with the trance process, detaching from environmental stimuli, holding to the discipline of stilling the mind and focusing on the process of the guided meditation. (Transcending time and space perhaps)

Recently, I came across this detailed instruction of How to Meditate, and I felt that it was worthy information to share on this page, along with the meditations for gaming provided.

It is important to note that using meditation prior to playing can be an influence on your energy, and your sensory perception, adding to your heightened awareness. With a bit of training, you can teach yourself to meditate under any situation, even in the middle of a noisy casino or in the heat of a game. Perceiving reality ahead of time, visualization a desired outcome during meditation, could provide you with astounding results.

The meditations provided here are designed to be used as self-guided meditations specifically to  prepare yourself before entering a game.



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