Take a slow and gentle breath. Feel your muscles relaxing. Release any tension in your muscles, starting with your toes, up to the muscles in your face. Continue to breathe slowly. Concentrate on breathing in and out, and allow your mind to become quiet. Take another slow and gentle breath. As you release the breath, visualize drawing a line around the side of your entire body, beginning at the top of your head. Continue with the slow breathing, relaxing deeper and deeper. Direct your attention to outlining all sides the body.In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself standing in your treasure room. Walk over to your crimson robe. Slowly slip on the crimson robe handling with great respect. As you ceremoniously put the robe on your shoulders, silently speak to yourself. “I am an expert player. I am master of my game. I am abundant, infinite, eternal, immortal and universal. I am what I am and what I am has beauty and light.”With these words, you enter into a sacred contract with yourself. Feel agreement throughout your body that you will keep the contract sacred. Saying to yourself, “Thus it is agreed and so it shall be done.” (Pause here for a moment)Now, visualize yourself standing in front of a casino. Take a slow and gentle breath relaxing deeper and deeper. In your mind’s eye, visualize a golden rod of light coming down from above. It tingles as it enters the top of your head. The rod of light connects down through all the energy centers of your body. Feel the intensity of the light as it permeates your very being.

Bring your thoughts back to your breathing. With each breath begin to expand yourself in every direction felling yourself fill with the golden light. Each breath expands you more, growing larger and larger. Observe yourself as you increase in size, expanding wider and taller until you are looking down on the casino. Notice how everything appears smaller as you grow in size.

Now, imagine that you have grown so large that you are holding a gaming table in the palm of your hand. Make the image as complete as you can, seeing every detail. Notice how small the table is as it is cradled in your hand. Even the casino personnel are standing in the palm of your hand. Notice a feeling of expanded energy. Your energy is larger than the casino. You feel confident and relaxed. (Pause for a moment)

Thank the vision for showing you the smallness of the casino energy. With a gentle puff of air, blow the image from your hand. Observe how the image blurs into dust, floating out of your sight. Own this expanded feeling of confidence, allowing it to permeate your being.

Bring your awareness back into your physical body. Take your consciousness to your hands. Slowly bring together the tips of the finger of each hand. Connect the thumbs, middle and index fingers. Take a slow and gentle breath. Next, think of a power word. Let it be the first word that comes into your mind. This will be your trigger word that can be used to invoke this state of heightened awareness and expanded energy. With your thumbs and fingers together, silently saying your power word, pulls up your energy, when needed. You can expand your etheric body, boost your intention and increase your awareness with this process.

With your thumb and fingers together, silently say your power word three times. Feel the ceremony in this act. Notice any auspicious symbols that may appear in your vision. Do not share your power word with anyone.

Now, take your awareness back to the golden light. Say goodbye to the golden light allowing it to retreat from your body. Gently close the chakra at the top of your head and notice the rod of golden light rising. Allow it to leave. Take time to complete this task. (Pause)

Using a few slow deep breaths, slowly bring yourself back to being able to feel your body touching the chair or floor. Notice where you clothes touch your body. Allow yourself a few minutes for your awareness to return, as you become more conscious of your body. Take quicker breaths as you open your eyes and feel grounded in your body. Stretch your arms and legs before attempting to stand and move about.

The Power Word Meditation would be a onetime meditation for the purpose of obtaining your power word. Once you have your power word, saying the word with your finger held together will invoke the experience of the meditation.

Note: This meditation references putting on a crimson red robe. The crimson red robe is introduce in the Treasure Room Meditation. You should first read the Treasure Room Meditation before attempting this meditation.

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