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Craps is probably the most exciting game offered by a casino. More than just gambling, the game is a mixture of thrills and spills, laughter, alter ego, camaraderie and exhilarating energy.

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When I first started learning how to play craps, I mistakenly thought playing dice was innate to male behavior. I had a naïve attitude that the game was easy. I thought all I had to do was show up at the table and other players would take me under their wing. You know what I mean? “Isn’t it obvious I don’t know how to play? Somebody help me here! What do I do?” I still remember my first game. Nobody took me under their wing. The only thing “taken under,” was my money. That was not fun!

I do not wish for others to have a similar negative experience, by trying to learn the game the hard way. I subscribe to the KISS philosophy, “Keep it Simple Sweetie!” As such, I will not overload these lessons with a lot of math and complexities. The lessons are designed to be complete enough that the reader will be adequately prepared to play craps, after completing this study course. It is my goal to keep the lessons simple yet concise, so that those of you who are new and not so new, can benefit from the lessons. In truth, the game is really not as difficult as it may appear. The game of craps is just a series of methodical movements, not so different from a choreographed dance. In order to dance the dance, you have to know the steps.

To completely understand how to play craps, you will need to learn the vocabulary that goes with it. Without a working knowledge of the language, you will not be able to comprehend what is going on, let alone communicate your needs with the operators of the game. It’s kind of like being in a foreign country and not knowing the language. At supper time, you may not go hungry, but you may not get what you thought you ordered. The glossary is a comprehensive list, providing you with the necessary support from lesson to lesson. The game is full of slang. Some of it may have slipped by my list. However, I feel that the glossary provided here will more than satisfy your needs. You may wish to print out the glossary and refer to it you as you move through the lessons.

I designed the lessons in short, thorough presentations. My intention is to make it possible for you to learn enough about playing craps that you can actually go to a casino and enjoy your first game. If you already have experience playing the game, it is hoped that you learn some new things and that the lessons reinforce existing knowledge.



Now you can play craps with confidence.
Craps is the most exciting game in the casino!

Study craps vocabulary here – Glossary.

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