Lesson Six 

The Don’t Come Bet
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Lesson Six will cover the Don’t Come Bet. The Don’t Come Bet is somewhat opposite to a Come Bet, but it is very similar to a Don’t Pass Bet. It has the same house odds as the Don’t Pass Bet and all the same rules, except for one. That one rule is; a Don’t Come Bet can only be made after a point is established.

Don't Come Bet Waiting

Don’t Come Bet in the Don’t Come Box

In the picture to the left, a point of ten has been established and marked with the puck. A Don’t Come Bet for $25 is in the Don’t Come Field. Upon the next roll of the dice, the Don’t Come Bet can win with 2 or 3, push with 12, lose with 7 or 11 or be behind a box number (4-5-6-8-9-10).

Making a Don’t Come Bet

When you are playing the Don’t Come, you are betting that a seven rolls before the Don’t Come Bet’s number repeats.

Anytime, after a point is established, you may make a Don’t Come Bet by placing the bet in the Don’t Come Field. The Don’t Come Bet, like a Don’t Pass Bet, wins if the following roll results in a 2 or 3. The bet pushes if a 12 rolls. A Don’t Come Bet loses to 7 or 11 on the next roll following the bet.

Don't Come Bet Behind the 9

Don’t Come Behind the 9

Any other number rolled is a box number, (4-5-6-8-9-10). The dealer will move the Don’t Come Bet from the Don’t Come Field and place it “behind the corresponding box number. See example 6-B. The Don’t Come Bet is positioned “behind” the box number according to your position at table. This is how the dealer is able to keep track of the bets.

The Don’t Come Bet wins when the seven rolls before the box number. Should the box number roll before the seven, the Don’t Come Bet loses and the dealer will say, “Down behind”, and remove the losing Don’t Come Bet.

The picture shows a Don’t Come Bet behind the nine with a point of ten marked.

Laying Odds on a Don’t Come Bet 

Once behind a box number with a Don’t Come Bet, you are allowed to lay an Odds Bet. Just like the Don’t Pass Bet, the Odds Bet is paid at True Odds. It is recommended that you lay double odds only. Unlike the Don’t Pass Bet, the Odds Bet for a Don’t Come Bet is handled by the dealer. Politely get the dealer’s attention and in a clear, loud voice, say “Lay Odds on my Don’t Come Bet” or “Lay Odds on my Don’t “8”. By saying the number “8”, for example, you communicate where the Odds Bet goes. Remember, when laying odds, you lay more to win less because you have the advantage and the bet is favored to win with the roll of a seven.

Lay 2 to win 1 for the 4/10

Lay 3 to win 2 for the 5/9

Lay 6 to win five for the 6/8

To make the Odds Bet, place the chips down on the layout in the Come field for the dealer to pick up. The dealer will then place the Odds Bet with Don’t Come Bet. See the example in photo 6-C. Now you wait and watch, until either the box number repeats or a seven rolls.

The Don’t Come Bet pays exactly like a Don’t Pass Bet. The Don’t Come Bet is paid even money and the Odds Bet is paid True Odds. The house advantage is .45%.

Don't Bet with Odds

Don’t Come Bet with Odds Behind the 9

One Little Thing 

One thing to know about a Don’t Come Bet during a Come Out roll, just like a Don’t Pass Bet, it is a live Bet on a Come Out roll. That is, the Bet is working and the Odds Bet is working. This means if a seven rolls on a Come Out, the Don’t Come Bet(s) and Odds Bet(s) win. The player may, if they chose, make a new Don’t Pass Bet on the Come Out and follow that with a Don’t Come Bet after a point has been established. However, should the box number roll that a Don’t Come Bet is behind, the Don’t Come Bet and the Odds Bet lose.

Don't Come Bet Payout

Don’t Come Bet Payout


The payout for a Don’t Come Bet with odds is just like that for a Don’t Pass Bet with odds. The Don’t Come Bet is paid even money and the Odds Bet is paid True Odds. In this example the Odds Laid were $75, three units and paid $50, two units. 3:2 True Odds




Let’s Review the Don’t Come Bet

  • The Don’t Come Bet is similar to the Don’t Pass Bet in the way it is played and paid.
  • A Don’t Come Bet is working on a Come Out roll and the Odds Bet is also working.
  • When a Don’t Come Bet is behind a box number, it wins with the roll of a seven.
  • You can make as many Don’t Come Bets as you like, once a point is established, covering all six box numbers. (However, I do not recommend more than three Don’t Come Bets due to the exposure to risk.)


This concludes Lesson Six. In Lesson Seven you will learn about Place Betting.
When making a Place Bet, you get to pick your favorite number(s) to win.

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