The Unseen Dimension
“Personal perception verses personal projection…
energy is always true.”

There is an invisible, yet perceivable, dimension. Subtle information can be found there within this field. It is somewhat like sitting in a movie theater, watching previews of coming attractions. Subliminal messages provide a glimpse of events that are about to happen. Perceiving the energy that is present can show you the hidden truths, as you experience events in the now. Perception of energy also provides you with lessons of events after the fact, as you look at the metaphysical information acknowledged, missed, and even ignored. “I should have listened to myself”, kind of lessons.

Most everyone has had the experience of saying, “I knew that was going to happen. Why didn’t I listen to myself?” I do not suggest or even hint about using second guessing, to finesse events during a dice game. My point here is for the reader to acknowledge, and simply relate to, having had the experience of knowing about something before it manifested in reality. Once you do, you can be in agreement that it is possible to have knowledge of an event before it manifests. This is an ability everyone can have. With practice, you can strengthen this ability to provide you with a powerful addition to your game.

A way of understanding the concept of energy is to think of it as a wave like vibration, or perhaps as a pulsing force field. It is a known fact of science that everything organic and inorganic is vibrating at the atomic level. Metaphysical energy moves as well. With regard to qualifying energy, it is not measured in terms of “good” and “bad”. Instead, think of energy in terms of being high or low, kind of like a light bulb, dim or bright. A football game expressing high energy is exciting and fun to watch. A game expressing low energy is boring. Calling one a good game and the other a bad game is a judgment, based on opinion. In fact, it is just energy being expressed. It could be that your team is losing and that is a bad game, while another fan, whose team is winning, will have a different opinion. So, energy expresses information in every situation. It is in the translation of the information that provides the gambler with an edge. (See Wheatley, bottom of page 25)…

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The translation of metaphysical energy takes place as a feeling that gradually moves into a thought form. It first occurs at the experiential level rather than on the intellectual or emotional level. This is an essential point, and may be the more difficult aspect to accept, getting the mind to free itself and trust sensations. The process has nothing to do with what you think is going to happen or your emotional yearning for a desired outcome. It is all about how your sensory perceptions affect you, on a feeling level. Do you feel safe and secure or do you have feelings of insecurity and doubt, for example.

At the craps table, you may want to buy-in and play right away. The difference in success or failure can be a matter of noticing the prevailing energy, not the desire to play. This is the difference between using intuitive perception compared to playing with Sir Intellect or Captain Ego, who can be like charging bulls in a china shop. By stepping away from these two menacing characters, it allows the truth to come forward. You want to operate without interference from a judging intellect and arrogant ego. Detaching allows a clear answer to the question, “Does the energy present support a positive feeling for playing?” It is within the perception of the energy that you will glean the metaphysical information that answers that question. This does not infer ‘seeing the future’, necessarily. It is more like reconnaissance, providing information before entering a battle. If “outnumbered”, the feeling perceived may be scary and uncertain. The prudent move would be no move or no play. On the other hand, perceiving a feeling of safety, then proceeding onward may prove to be correct action.

Interpreting the energy and perceiving the information at hand, provides an invaluable edge when playing craps. Learning to push out with your feelings is to reach out into a field of energy, touching into another dimension just ahead of the time to act. This is how you are able to grab sensations to inform your play. You reach out with your feelings, sensing information, before it settles in a concrete reality.

…The most powerful play comes from a feeling that warns about a game headed for a break down. The savvy player gets out ahead of the crowd that is soon to be clamoring to color up. Instead of suffering through the losing hands, you get the “wink and a nod”, on an energy level, that the game is over. You keep additional profit because you felt what was about to happen and you knew what to do. Think of it as having insider’s information when making a stock trade.

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Applied metaphysics is not something that I am trying to force feed down your throat. What I am attempting to accomplish, here, is to help you to recognize times when you have had the experience of a premonition coming true. Admitting that it has happened is your first step. Accepting that you can participate more actively is the second. Happenstance, coincidence, and accidents are not excuses for unexplained events. We are not leaves that fall from a tree to drift aimlessly in the current of life. We can steer our course journeying along a chosen path. We have choices. We have a means of directing our reality. The events in our life are easily explained as manifestations of energy, high or low. Although you many find yourself in an unavoidable situation, you do not have to be totally in the dark for lack of perception. You can actively participate. You do not have to be a victim. You can take information and make reasonable choices and decisions for your next move. Does the tail wag the dog? These concepts are a life choice, and not intended just for use while playing a game of chance. The more that you employ these concepts in your daily life, the more useful they become. Just as you are served by any positive habit that you practice, adding spiritual concepts empowers you in a similar way. It costs nothing. It is easy to do. You get immediate confirmation. The more you practice, the more you gain. What’s the down side? What do you risk for trying it? The benefits can be limitless.

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