Lesson Five

The Come Bet
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The Come Bet is often compared to a Pass Line Bet. Although there are similarities, you must understand the differences, if you are planning to become a Come Bettor. In this lesson you will learn the basics of a Come Bet.

Because you already know about a Pass Line Bet, you will notice similar rules for a Come Bet. You just have to be aware of some of its short comings. The reason I say this is because the Come Bet performs almost like a Pass Line Bet, but there are differences. The Come Bet has the same house odds and the same rules, with a few exceptions. For starters, a Come Bet can only be made after a point is established. Also, a Come Bet wins if a 7 or 11 rolls right after making the Come Bet. However, with a Come Bet in the Come Field, the game is in a Point Cycle, (dice mode). If the next roll results in a 7, the Come Bet wins, but then the game comes to an end due to the 7-Out. If, on the other hand, it is a Come Out roll, (craps mode), and the roll results is a 7, the Come Bet loses, and the game continues.


Come Bet

During a Point Cycle, a seven rolled is announced by the stickman as; “7-Out!” “Take the line, pay the Don’t.” “Last Come gets some!” The announcement of the 7-Out informs the players and the dealers that the game is over. The dealers will collect all of the losing bets before paying winning bets. The winners, typically, would be the Don’t Bets, any lay bets and the last Come Bet, which would be in the Come Field, awaiting the decision roll. The only other possible winner could be a one roll bet on the seven.

In addition to making a Come Bet, an Odds Bet may accompany an established Come Bet. (Explained below) A Come Bet is a fairly complex play. It is recommended that you study the information here, to eliminate any misconceptions. It is advantageous to completely understand how to make a Come Bet and its rules.

The Basics of a Come Bet

  • A Come Bet is a contract bet.

  • A roll of the dice decides the number for a Come Bet.

  • Once the point is established you may make a Come Bet.

  • Make a Come Bet by placing your bet in the Come Field in the general area that is in front of your position.

  • With the next roll of the dice there are three possible outcomes.
    • The roll results in a box number. (4-5-6-8-9-10)
    • The roll results in a seven or eleven. A winning roll for the Come Bet.
    • The roll results in craps, 2, 3, or 12. A losing roll for the Come Bet.

  • With a box number rolled, the Come Bet is establish on that number. The dealer will move your bet to the corresponding box number.

  • At this point you may make an Odds Bet on the Come Bet, similar to that of a Pass Line Bet. Details for taking odds are explained below.

  • The Come Bet wins when its number repeats before a 7 rolls.

  • A winning Come Bet does not stay up, it is returned to the player along with the payout.
  • If a seven rolls before the Come Bet’s number, the Come Bet loses.

  • There are two ways a seven influences a Come Bet.
    • If the seven is rolled during a Come Out roll, the Come Bet loses and the Odds Bet is returned to the player. The game continues.
    • The Come Bet may be reestablish, if the player chooses. The player may “pay to stay up”. The player tosses the dealer the amount of the bet lost, and requests the Come Bet to stay up. Oddly, many Come bettors are unaware of this rule. Instead, they go through the pains taking process of making another Come Bet. They risk running the “gauntlet”, dodging a craps roll, to reestablish another Come Bet.

    • The second way a seven affects a Come Bet is during a Point Cycle. The Come Bet loses along with the Odds Bet and the game is over. “7-Out”!


Come Bet Moves to the 6 with Odds

Come Bet Moves to the 6 with Odds

Taking Odds on a Come Bet 

Once you have a Come Bet established on a box number, you are allowed to make an Odds Bet, similar to a Pass Line Bet. It is recommended that you only take double odds. Unlike the Pass Line Bet, the Odds Bet is handled by the dealer. Politely get the dealer’s attention, wait your turn, and in a clear, loud voice, say “Odds on my Come Bet.” Another example would be to say, “Odds on my 6.” Stating the number eight helps identify your Come Bet. Next, you place the chips on the layout in the Come field. The dealer will pick-up the chips and place them on top of your Come Bet. The chips for the Odds Bet will be stacked on top of the Come Bet slightly off center. See the example in the following picture. Next, you wait for a result. Only two outcomes matter: the Come Bet number repeats and you win, or a seven rolls and you lose.

Come Bet payout

Come Bet payout

Come Bet Payout

The Come Bet with odds is paid exactly like a Pass Line Bet with odds. The Come Bet is paid even money and the odds portion is

in paid true odds. The house advantage on a Come Bet with odds is six tenths of one percent. (.6%.) In this example the come bet is $5 and the odds bet is $10. The picture on the right breaks down the bet in the “six box”. To the left is the pay out. One to one even money for the come bet and $6 paid to each of the $5 chips making up the odds bet. Total payout $5 + $12 = $17


Some Things to Consider 
The first thing to consider is that an established Come Bet is that it is always working. This means a seven on a Come Out Roll causes the Come Bet to lose. However, the Odds Bet is Off, not working and the dealer will return the Odds Bet back to you.

Another scenario would be, when the Come Bet number rolls on a Come Out. The Come Bet wins and is paid even money. Since, the odds are “OFF”, not working, the dealer simply returns the Odds Bet back to you without a profit.

You are allowed to ask for your Odds Bet to be “On” or working on a Come Out Roll, but it is not recommended here.
Last thing, when a Come Bet wins, the dealer gives you the winning payout plus your Come Bet and the Odds Bet. A Come Bet does not stay up after winning. If you wish to replace the Come Bet you must reestablish it by placing your bet in the Come Field. 

Review of the Come
A Come Bet is similar to the Pass Line Bet in the way it is played and paid. A Come Bet is working on a Come out roll but the Odds Bet is not. Once a Come Bet wins, it is taken down by the dealer and along with the payout, it is handed back to the player. You can make as many Come Bets as you want, up to one Come Bet per box number. (This is not recommended, due to the rules for the bet and the exposure to risk)


 This concludes Lesson Five on the Come Bet. In Lesson Six you are going to learn about the Don’t Come Bet. Want to make a guess how a Don’t Come Bet is played? Here’s a hint. “Seven Out, Line away, last Come gets some, pay the Don’ts!”

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